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We are proud to be one of the few “No - Kill” shelters in the United States. The “No - Kill” policy ensures that we do not euthanize animals on a routine basis in order to make room for other animals. Animals are euthanized only when they are considered unadoptable. Animals are considered unadoptable when the animal exhibits aggressive or biting behavior, health issues involve animal suffering, or when the cost to maintain health would interfere with the organization's ability to help more animals.

Since inception in 1977, the Beltrami Humane Society has helped over 10,000 animals with a second chance at life. We are very proud of these and other efforts which have made our dream a reality and now allows us to provide even greater quality service for more than 500 animals per year.



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BHS is a no-kill shelter

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Beltrami Humane Society is dedicated to operating an animal shelter for the purpose of finding a quality forever home for each animal we serve, encouraging a community of responsible companion animal guardians, eliminating the community's need to euthanize dogs and cats as a means of population control, and promoting a society where companion animals become more valued."
Beltrami Humane Society is committed to serving the best interest
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